Financial Support Resources


Immediate Resources

  • Basic Needs Program This program may provide case management, economic assistance and other resources to ensure both graduate and undergraduate students have safe, secure housing and/or reliable access to food. Apply Here.
  • UC Davis Financial Aid Economic Crisis Team
  • The SERA (Student Emergency Relief Aid) winter quarter award application (formerly WeAreAggiePride) has been reopened until June 11.  The application can be found here.
  • Emergency and Short Term Loan Programs (UC Davis Financial Aid) Students experiencing a temporary shortage of funds may request an Emergency and/or Short-Term loan. Requests are limited to costs related to educational expenses as found in the Cost of Attendance. Apply here.
  • The California College Student Emergency Support Fund helps address emergency needs for the state’s low-income college students, including undocumented immigrants, foster youth, and those who are housing insecure.

Short-Term Resources


Affordable Auto Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance

Other Financial Resources