Educators Can Include Basic Needs Resources on Course Materials

As an educator, one way you can help increase awareness of basic needs resources is to include information about campus resources on your course materials. Here is information about a resource page you can easily include on you course site in Canvas and sample text to adopt on your course syllabi.

Resource Information on Canvas

Students often don't know how to find, ask for, and/or access campus resources to support their academic success and their physical and mental wellness. UC Davis faculty have created an easy to use FAQ sheet with information on these resources that can be loaded into your course Canvas site.

Let Students Know About Resources Using Canvas

  • Announce in class the availability of the FAQ page, briefly demonstrate how to access and its use. 
  • On your course site and/or syllabi, provide a direct link to the FAQ page with a brief description.
  • Remind periodically during the quarter (e.g. after an exam) about the variety of support services available on the FAQ page.  

Sample Food Insecurity Syllabi Text Instructors May Adopt

Version 1

Eating enough nutritious food energizes your brain and body. Without it, your academics, physical health and mental well-being may suffer.

If you are skipping or stretching meals, concerned about spending money on food and/or having difficulties accessing food, visit the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center [] located on the first floor of the MU, next to the UC Davis Market. Aggie Compass can provide immediate food and access to additional resources.

Version 2

If you are having difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat everyday and believe this may affect your performance, visit the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center [] on the first floor of the MU, next to the UC Davis Market.

Additional text you may include

  • Many students face these challenges during college, and it is healthy to seek support. 
  • If you are comfortable, please talk to me about your experience.