Student Innovation Grants

Student Innovation Grant 

These grants provide students with an opportunity to get involved in addressing food and housing security on campus while providing funding and visibility. 

Proposals may include programs and events focused on food accessibility on- and off-campus and housing support for unsheltered students. 

Application Closed


  • All UC Davis students are eligible to apply. 


  • June 30, 2023 


  • Up to $50,000 total may be awarded, with individual grant amounts of up to $10,000 each unless otherwise specified in the award letter. The total number of grants awarded will depend on the amount requested by each grant proposal.
  • Funding is one-time only, and must be used during the academic year in which it is awarded, unless otherwise specified in the award letter, based on specific project needs.
  • Funds must be transferable to a campus account, unless otherwise specified in the award letter. This includes departmental or student organization agency accounts. If you are not part of a department of student organization, you will need to identify an on-campus sponsor through which funds can be disbursed. 
  • Any unspent funds from Innovation grants must be transferred back to the Basic Needs Fund.
  • Grants will only fund projects not currently paid for by the University.


  • Proposals must contain complete budget information outlining proposed project costs, other sources of funding, and a timeline for expenditure and implementation with clear measurable outcomes.
  • All UC Davis students are eligible to submit project proposals, as long as they are under the umbrella of a campus department or center. Individuals and organizations outside the University are not eligible to submit project proposals.
  • Projects either must have received all necessary written endorsements by appropriate campus officials prior to consideration or have met with the Basic Needs Committee Chair to discuss appropriate approvals and endorsements.
  • All awarded proposals must submit 
    • A progress report at the halfway point of the project timeline. 
    • A final report, detailing the results of the project, including a final budget that clearly identifies all spent funds, any unspent funds, and all other sources of funding for the project.


The Basic Needs Advisory Committee is composed of students, faculty and staff from various UC Davis schools, colleges, and departments, whose purpose it is to develop the UC Davis basic needs strategic plan and oversee its implementation. All proposals will be reviewed by members of the BNAC, in selecting proposals to be awarded preference will be given to proposals that directly address UC Davis student’s nutritional and/or housing needs.